Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” Installation Guide Step by Step with Screenshots

First Download Fedora 20 LiveCD Image here and Select your favorite Live CD (Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE) and architecture i686 or x86_64. On this guide I use Fedora 20 Gnome Live CD and 64-bit version.

Burn your Fedora 20 Image to CD/DVD or Create Live USB from here and Boot Computer Using Fedora 20 Installation Media

To install Fedora 20 follow the Following Fedora 20 Heisenbug Installation Guide.

Step 1. Boot Computer with Fedora 17 Installation CD / DVD / USB and Select Start Fedora Live.

01 Fedora Install

Step 2. Select install to Hard Drive.

02 Installation option

Step 3. Select your preferred lanuage in my case English ( U. k. ).

03 Language

Step 4. Installation Summary Window, Click on Date and Time.

04 Installation Summary

Step 5. Setup Date and Time and Click on Done.

05 Date&Time

Step 6. Setup Keyboard Layout and Click on Done.

06 Keyboard Selection

Step 7. Select Insatallation disk and Click on Done.

07 Installation Destination

Step 8. Select Installation Destination

08 Select Device

Step 9. Select installation option here i chose automatically configure the partion.

09 Install Option

Step 10. Setup Hostname and click on Done.


Step 11. Check Network Configuration and Proceed with installation by clicking on Begin Insatllation.

11 Network Configuration check

Step 12. Click on Root pasword to setup Super User password.

12 User Configuration

Step 13. Enter your root password click on Done.

13 Root Configure

Step 14. Create a New User and click on Advanced for more options.


Step 15. Setup User home directory and other option according to User requirement.


Step 16. Confirm user and Click on Done.


Step 17. Process bar incates that software are insatalling and User creation it take few minutes.


Step 18. Click on Quit, to reboot your System as the Fedora isatalltion is completed.


Step 19. After reboot Gnome login screen comes then enter your password to login in Gnome.


Step 20. Fedora Welcome page Select your Language and click on Next.

20 Welcome

Step 21. Select or add new Keyboard and click on Next.

21 Select Keyboard

Step 22. Click on Next or Add accout.

22 Online Account

Step 23. Fedora “Thank you” page click on Start Using Fedora to Continue.

23 Thank you

Step 24. Initial Fedora Desktop.

24 Desktop

Step 25. Press Windows button to see gnome icons and Search bar.

25 Gnome

Congratulations that’s it you have installed and configured Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” Linux. Enjoy your New System and I hope you have lots of fun !!!

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