Auto Restart Apache/Mysql Service on High Load

Sometime our server hang on high load which cause ssh hang so we are not able to login and check any service which are taking high memory or CPU nd also it cases our website down for some time. So we need a auto script which can restart services when taking too much load on server. This below script use for Auto Restart Apache/Mysql Service on High Load whatever take high load on cpu or ram and send mail so that details can be check on server on later or that time.



    # location of index.php to overwrite with temporary message   
    index_php_loc='sitepath/index.php';        default /var/www/index.php
    [email protected]

    # script to check server for extremely high load and restart Apache if the condition is matched

    check=`cat /proc/loadavg | sed 's/./ /' | awk '{print $1}'`

    # define max load avarage when script is triggered


    # log file


    # location to Apache init script



    site_maintenance_msg="Site Maintenance in progress - We will be back online in a minute";

    if [ $check -gt "$max_load" ]; then>

    #25 is load average on 5 minutes

    cp -rpf $index_php_loc $index_php_loc.bak_ap

    echo "$site_maintenance_msg" > $index_php_loc

    sleep 15;

    if [ $check -gt "$max_load" ]; then

    $apache_init stop

    sleep 5;

    $apache_init restart

    echo "$(date) : Apache Restart due to excessive load | $check |" >> $high_load_log;

    cp -rpf $index_php_loc.bak_ap $index_php_loc
    echo "service restart on high load please check the server"|mail -s "Apache Restart on high load" $mailid




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